Prohibited goods and advertisements

Prohibited goods and advertisements
 Prohibited goods
The items shown is the prohibited goods on the website. These are prohibited to advertise on the website and are also prohibited to purchase in the website. We will block the advertiser who advertises these goods and we will block those who respond with them in private messages or replies. Please note that there is no warning before the ban and the ban is final without discussion.
Prohibited goods are:
1- All goods are prohibited according to the laws of the United States of America.
2- Installment and banking products, These goods are forbidden even if they are considered legitimate.
3- Medicines and medical and health products, These goods are prohibited even if they are allowed in the laws of Health and even if they are recommended.
4- Network marketing permanently prohibits any type of network marketing, whatever its type or methods.
5- Weapons, including Tasers, pistols, machine guns, personal protection weapons and accessories, even if licensed.
6- Sexual products in all forms and types.
7- Shares, Portfolio and Currency Management, Marketing and all related matters.
8- Laser, spy and Eavesdropping devices.
9- Sites, forums, e-services, emails, selling memberships and programs.
10- Sell ​​any free items For example, emails, Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts and others.
11- Goods that infringe intellectual property rights, for example, copied programs and copied films.
12- Tobacco products.
13- Advertising products or services requiring a license without obtaining a license from the regulator.
14- Blocked devices such as jamming, encryption, or mobile signal booster.
15- Security risk devices.
16- Advertising SIM cards or call services without obtaining the necessary licenses.
prohibited advertisements:
The following list contains most of the methods of advertising banned in the site:
1- All ads that are not related to buying and selling.
2- putting topics in the website.
3- Any Advertisements for a suggesting or 4- discussing a problem with the management of the website, ads only for sale and purchase, adding topics for suggestions or developments for the website is harmful to the advertisers and their ads on the website. The best way to suggest or complain is to contact us via the Contact Us form.
5- Incomplete ads.
6- Poor quality ads.
7- Poor communication with the interested customers in the declared goods, for example an advertiser Advertises the sale of a car and then does not respond to communications or reply to private messages.
8- Advertising in the wrong section, for example, an ad for a car in real estate or an ad for selling furniture in cars section or an ad for a Jeep for sale in Ford.
9- Advertising an ad and you have another membership blocked. You must first discuss the ban with us before adding any new ads.
10- Adding a picture that is not for the same item even if it is for the purpose of illustration.
11- Adding images of another item not the one displayed in his/ her ad, for example an advertiser advertises the sale of a used phone and then displays a picture of another used phone of the same type.
12- Any advertisements contains racism in all its forms.
13- Any advertisements contains error information, whether the error is intentional or unintentional, for example, an advertiser advertises a car and states that it did not have an accident and then discovered that the car has been involved in an accident. The advertiser should not add any information about the goods except for which he is sure.
14- Adding an advertisements for defamation porpoises, If you have a complaint against advertisers, please email us and clarify the problem and we will be glad to help you. If you have a problem with an unrelated party, please complain to the party responsible.
15- Adding an ad title contrary to the content of the ad, for example, an advertiser writes in the title: Ford 2011 and then in the ad announces the request for Ford 2011. Visitors see the title will think that there is a sale offer for Ford 2011.
16- Copy an advertisement of another advertiser or any part of it.
17- General ads for which goods are not specified such as: an ad is titled (we have land for sale). The correct is to advertise the same goods for example, we have land for sale area such and such in the neighborhood such and such or we have a car model such and such.
18- Donation announcements and request for assistance. Donation and philanthropy outside the specified legal scope.
19- ads for contributions and subscriptions.
20- Begging and helping beggars. We are banning the member who helps beggars on the website.
21- Request for mediation and assistance, whether legitimate or illegal. The website is for goods only.
22- Ads containing abuse of authority.
23- Advertising in replies.
Prohibited replies 
The following list contains the most prohibited responses:
1- Advertising in replies.
2- Understatement.
3- Cursing whether there is justification or not.
4- Seriousness and unwillingness to buy.
5- Comments in order to add a joke or news.The website for sale and purchase only.
6- Mocking goods or the advertisers.
Prohibited private messages
The following list contains the most prohibited private messages:
 1- Advertising in private messages.
 2- Insulting whether there is justification or not.